Adventure games for a group of 2-10 people of all ages solving the puzzles and mysteries together.
Games are ideal for a group of friends or colleagues, for bachelor and birthday parties and for companies alike. It’s also fun for families (children under 13 years accompanied by an adult). No pre-knowledge is needed but the adventure offers brain-teasers even for the experienced players. The game can be played in English, Finnish and Swedish simultaneously.

The duration of the game is 60 minutes. Wearing socks or high heels is not recommended while playing. Our games are exciting but there is nothing you need to be scared of.

Book your game on our homepage or by email. We are located in the center of Porvoo, just by the bus station and the market square, in the same building with Citymarket. Please arrive 10 minutes in advance.


Our games are rated among the best escape room games in Finland.


Dystopian restaurant - "Maailmanlopun ravintola"
2 - 4 players - 120 €
5 - 10 players - 25 €/person

2 - 4 players - 150 €
5 - 10 players - 35 €/person

The Dystopian Restaurant


Challenge yourself and your friends and family by stepping into an atmospheric and exciting experience at Chateau Le Bauf restaurant.

Spend an atmospheric dinner in the dusky summer evening in the glow of fireflies. The peaceful world of wines and classy french-style set design will take you on an adventure you don’t want to miss. Rumor has it that the chef has been in a bad mood...


Take a trip to the Bermuda islet and solve the mystery of the famous lighthouse.

Bermuda is an impressive adventure and puzzle-solving game with spectacular special effects. Lighthouse themed game introduces new physical dimension to our escape room games.

"Unique and wonderful"

"The must visit place in town!"

"Fluent storyline, impressive set design"

"Intriguing and fun challenges for the whole family"

The perfect gift for an amazing experience!

Order your gift card by sending us an email: escapeporvoo@gmail.com

Please provide in your message the value of the gift card you want, your phone number and postal address for the invoice.

Game for 2 - 4 players:
The Dystopian restaurant 120 €
Bermuda 150 €

Game for 5 - 10 players:
The Dystopian restaurant 25 €/player
Bermuda 35 €/player

The gift card is valid for 6 months.